?For 20 years the business of ortopedias focused mainly in support and correction products. Nowadays people are going to ortopedias not only looking for support and correction products but also of articles that provide comfort, health and well-being.

The success is in keeping the constant focus on the market and in their ambitions and seek, nationally and internationally, the suppliers that best suit the needs.?
Jos? Alves


"With the economic crisis the market decreased and European Portuguese has stagnated, as well, looking for new markets and internationalisation has become crucial to the success of the company. Africa, South America and Arabian Peninsula became the focus of the WWO whose aim is to find partners, create synergies and focus on exporting to emerging markets."
Andr? Alves


?The fall in purchasing power of the Portuguese resented in all sectors and the ortopedias were no exception. The opening of a chain store of Orthopedics was a counterflow of challenge which we can be proud of. In little over a year ago we opened three stores in the greater Lisbon area and fulfil the objectives proposed billing and sales.?
Ana Maia
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